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Eastern Massachusetts Electrical Services

Wireworks LLC provides a wide range of electrical services including Electrical Services, Wiring Services for commercial and residential properties in the Greater Boston, Eastern Massachusetts area.

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Residential and commercial wiring

Upgrade and repair for new houses and remodels.

Appliance and lighting installations

Electrical circuit installations to latest electrical code requirements.

Architectural lighting design

Installation of fixtures to meet any mood or highlight decor.

Data network and telephone installations

Wireless or wired computer circuits and telephony lines for home or office.

Power meter and electrical panel service

Service upgrades and replacements for safety and reliability.

Bathroom and spa wiring

Code compliant circuit installation, shock protection, and GFI circuit installations.

Exterior lighting and power supply

Underground electrical circuits, concealed mood lighting & sensors.


About Us

At Wireworks LLC, we believe in customer service, safety, and fair prices. We are the Greater Boston, Eastern Massachusetts and surrounding area's number 1 choice electricians who go the extra mile to make certain that our electricians are experienced, well trained and skilled. Our electricians know exactly what they are doing, therefore they don't need to waste time fumbling around or figuring things out, so that keeps our labor costs down. We pass that savings on to our customers and have been for many years.


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Wireworks LLC is the leading electrical contractor you will find in Greater Boston, Eastern Massachusetts, specializing in Electrical Services, Wiring Services. Contact us, and your electrical needs will be taken care of promptly, safely, and cost effectively. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and constantly update and train our electricians on all the new trends in the ever changing world of technology and communications.